Social Service Providers

Social services providers seeking housing options for individuals and families experiencing homelessness may apply for approval as HousingCLT Participating Agencies. Once approved, Participating Agencies have access to housing resources that have been specifically designated to serve people suffering from homelessness who have multiple barriers to accessing housing. Such barriers include criminal history, previous evictions, poor credit, or bankruptcies.

Approved HousingCLT Housing Providers are also vetted for their quality of housing and treatment of their tenants, among other criteria. They also agree to use alternative screening criteria to evaluate housing applications from homeless applicants. Since disabling conditions are overrepresented in the homeless population, Fair Housing law allows housing providers to use alternative screening criteria with homeless applications as a reasonable accommodation.

HousingCLT approved Participating Agencies may access HousingCLT housing resources only by being approved as a Participating Agency.

The agency application process steps are:

  1. Agency requests an application package from HousingCLT or downloads the package. These documents are formatted as fillable PDFs so they can be downloaded to your desktop and won’t need to be completed all at once.
  2. After reviewing the documents and deciding if the HousingCLT model is of benefit, the agency completes the application and submits it to HousingCLT.
  3. After reviewing the agency’s completed application, the HousingCLT Project Director then schedules an interview and orientation with agency staff. This meeting must (minimally) be attended by:
    • Agency Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer or party authorized to sign a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);
    • The agency’s designated staff member who will serve as the liaison for all agency referrals for housing placement and housing provider contact/concerns.
  4. The interview and orientation may also be attended by other agency staff, members of its board of directors, or legal counsel. Plan on approximately two hours for this meeting. Please have everyone attending the meeting familiarize themselves with the application/guidelines. This is the opportunity for agency leadership and staff to ask questions about HousingCLT referral processes, guidelines, and expectations.
  5. Approval as a certified HousingCLT Participating Agency will be provided in writing within 5 business days of the interview and orientation.
  6. A Formal Memorandum of Understanding is executed, after which the agency may immediately begin making client referrals for housing placements.
  7. Housing referrals must be made using the HousingCLT Client Referral Form.
    1. Client Referral Form
  8. Agencies are required to submit a Monthly Client Housing Status Report.

Application Package Documents:

  1. Participating Agency Application
  2. Participating Agency MOU